1) We have seen some improvement in our ward, she is now willing and has made the effort to present herself before the audience. She is confident in doing activities and loves abacus and is enjoying learning it.
Parents of Dia Mariam George, 2nd std, Birla Public School2) After joining Brainobrain my child has become more focused and her concentration has improved and she does her home work by herself without any push.
Parents of Gitika Pramod,5th std, DPSMIS3) She is doing the sums much faster than before and has become more active and does her homework independently without seeking assistance from parents. I really appreciate the faculty for identifying weakness and strengths of the child and communicating it for improvement. Thanks very much!
Parents of Gopika Dhanashri Y, 2nd std, Doha Modern Indian School4) Initially he was so weak in concentrating, but after attending the brainobrain program he has improved a lot not only in math's but also in other subjects
Parents of Nethaka Fernando, Year 1, Newton British School5) Her performance in the school is really good. She is able to solve mathematical problems quickly. We have found many improvements such as mental ability,consentration etc
Parents of Devika Nair, 6th std, Birla Public School6) He is able to do calculations much faster and accurate within a short span of time. I am really happy that my son is a part of this highly enriched program.
Parents of Sanat Sahrawat, year-2, Doha college