Brainobrain is a Skill development program for kids from 5-14 years of age in Doha, which has centers in many countries including UK,US and also India.
Brainobrain skill development program covers:
Advanced Abacus
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Brain Gym
Group Discussions and Role play
Attitude Formation
Personality Development
Language Skills
Concentration And Memory Power
Creative Art, Story Writing and Much more

Since there is a shortage of extracurricular actives that are offered in this region, we should definitely look into enrolling our kids in such programs to keep their minds stimulated and the energy channelized in a positive direction.


   Our center provides intensive Tuition/Training for CBSE, IGCSE and AMERICAN SYLLABUS Students from
    GRADE   1-12.
   Our expertise in the teaching field is in following subjects:
   Our highly qualified and well experienced teachers will make sure you get the most out of our tuition program